2009 was a very interesting year for shoes. We saw everything from gladiator sandals showing lots of skin to over the knee boots covering as much leg as possible. Reviewing the fashion trends for footwear in 2009 one thing is fairly certain, shoes were more important than ever.


What can we say, boots were hot. Every style of boot had its day in the sun this season from cut out booties to the aforementioned over the knee boots, high heeled boots to no heeled boots this was truly the year of the boot.


Platforms have always been around, but they usually took a back seat, this year they climbed to the front of the car and began driving. We saw platforms everywhere and they were typically paired with a towering stiletto. Hurrah for this trend and let’s see more of it!

Gladiator Sandals

The gladiator sandal made its debut in 2008 and continued through 2009 but seems to be fading pretty quickly. The one thing gladiators seem to have inspired is the cut out shoe, showing a little more skin, but not as warrior looking as the gladiator. I think we’ll see some modifications through 2010 but the trend will no longer make you look like an extra from a Ridley Scott film.

Fisherman Sandals

One shoe that didn’t get a lot of attention in 2009 is the fisherman sandal. They’re not an attractive shoe, by any means, but they’re practical for some people and cuter than tennis shoes. I think this is one trend you’re really going to see pick up steam in 2010, but just remember it had its start in 2009.

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