Miley Cyrus in UGGS

Miley Cyrus in UGGS

I will admit that I am not above buying junior’s shoes, especially if they’re a style I like, like this particular pair of Naughty Monkey Women’s Me O My pumps that I really must have. But keeping track of junior’s shoe styles is a must for every shoe lover, whether you’re willing to wear junior’s styles or not. Knowing what the younger crowd is wearing can be your key to looking cutting edge and trendy, no matter what your age.

When it comes to junior’s boots the UGG is still reining champ and almost every young girl either has a pair or desperately wants a pair. And yes, you’ll see a lot of adult women sporting this look as well.

In the junior sandals arena we will be seeing a lot of flats and wedges. It’s the wedge style that I really expect to take off as most youngsters aren’t old enough to have gone through a wedge phase yet so it’s their turn to feel super tall and sexy.

Junior dress shoes also feature quite a few wedges and flats but sexy heels are what really make this category exciting. Junior’s heels tend not to be as high as a traditional woman’s shoe but this season they do seem to be reaching new heights. They’re also more vibrant and exciting with their choice of cut, color and embellishments. It’s the junior dress pump that could be the harbinger of things to come, if so look for more exciting patterns and embellishments in eye catching colors that will definitely get noticed.

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