Sandra Bullock 2010 People's Choice Awards

Sandra Bullock 2010 People's Choice Awards

The 2010 People’s Choice Awards were held last night and the most surprising part of the night were probably the dress choices made by many of the women. It seems that short with lots of skin was the choice for many of the starlets but there were a few who opted for a bit move coverage in a classic gown.

But who cares what dresses they wore – what shoes were they wearing?! Well, the cutest shoes of the night were probably the cute strappy black sandals that graced Carrie Underwood’s feet. Her shoes were by far the highlight of her entire outfit.

Another trend that cropped up last year and seemed to be worn by several of the women at the 2010 People’s Choice Awards, including winner Sandra Bullock, was the nude pump. If you don’t have a pair of nude shoes run (don’t walk) to your favorite shoe store (or better yet order them online) and get a pair. Nude shoes are a wonderful neutral tone that match most outfits but they do so much more. Did you know that nude shoes can make you look taller and thinner? The shoes extend the illusion of your leg, letting it taper off into those tiny little heels that you’re tottering around on. Just look at a picture of someone in nude heels compared to some in black strappy sandals that reach midway up their leg and you’ll see the magic of nude shoes.

So, lessons learned at the 2010 People’s Choice Awards, neutral shoes are probably going to be a big trend this year, whether black, nude, or even white you’ll get more use out of them and practicality is taking a front seat in this economy.

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