The shoes you are about to see are among the most valuable in the world, festooned with precious stones and designed for the lavish lifestyles of the rich, royal, fanciful and famous among us.

So live vicariously; there’s still hope that Cinderella’s other glass slipper is lying around somewhere!

Probably the most expensive pair of shoes in the world was on sale at Harrod’s Department Store in London. Designed by Stuart Weitzman (who did most of the shoes in this group) the price tag for the glitzy pair was a mere $1,600,000!

Inspired by the ruby slippers Judy Garland wore in The Wizard of Oz, these four-and-one-half inch red satin stilettos shoes were woven from platinum thread and set with 642 round and oval rubies totaling 120 carats contributed by jeweler, Oscar Heyman & Bros!

After pictures were taken for the press, the shoes were guarded at all times and placed in a bulletproof case. Originally, these shoes were to be worn at the 2003 Academy awards, but Weitzman cancelled “out of respect for those fighting in Iraq.”

Stuart Weitzman’s $2,000,000 Tanzanite Heels take their place among the world’s most expensive pair of shoes.

In this case, Weitzman teamed up with jeweler, Le Vian, who laboriously matched and cut 185 carats of tanzanite and 28 carats of diamonds to create these startling shoes that were unveiled in Las Vegas last year.

Tied for second place is still another Weitzman masterpiece; Cinderella’s Slippers, which are also for available for a cool $2,000,000 bucks.

These four-and-one-half-inch stiletto heels (must be a favorite number) are set with 595 carats of Kwiat diamonds set in platinum. One shoe has a 5-carat amaretto diamond that is worth one million all by itself! Singer, Allison Krauss wore these spectacular shoes at the 2004 Oscars.

Stuart Weitzman’s Rita Hayworth Open-Toe Stilettos were inspired by a pair of magnificent earrings adorned with rubies, sapphires and diamonds from the estate of late 40’s movie siren, Rita Hayworth. They are worth $3,000,000 and now belong to Hayworth’s daughter, Princess Yasmin Aga Khan.

Two of the most expensive men’s shoes, one with a price tag of $160,000 bucks and the other priced at $50,000 smackeroos, are the Diamond-Encrusted Custom Nikes and the Slippers Worn By An Indian Prince.

The former are a cool pair of sneakers (they better be) purchased by Outkast’s Antwan “Big Boi” Patton. Adorned with 11 carats of chocolate-colored diamonds, they are the creation of Laced Up owner, Ernel Dawkins, and C. Couture boutique owner, Rita Patel.

The latter are a pair of slippers encrusted with rubies and diamonds that date back to the 18th century and were once worn by the Indian prince, Nizam Sikandar Jah of Hyderabad. These slippers were stolen from the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto, Canada back in 2006 and recovered a few days later.

Diamond Dream strappy sandals are a collaboration by shoe designer (you guessed it) Stuart Weitzman and jeweler Kwiat.

The $500,000 dollar stilettos are encrusted with 1,420 brilliant-cut colorless diamonds weighing over 30 carats and set in platinum. Anika Noni Rose, aka “the other one” in Dreamgirls, sported these incredible shoes at the 2007 Oscars.

The Ruby Slippers from The Wizard of Oz is the only pair of shoes among the world’s most expensive that do not burst with the splendor of sparkling precious jewels.

The bows have three large red glass jewels, bugle beads and glass rhinestones in silver settings. While it is believed that seven pairs of shoes were created for the 1939 movie classic, the whereabouts of only four pairs are known.

One pair is in the Smithsonian; another was stolen in 2005 from the Judy Garland Museum and has yet to be recovered. Christies auction house sold the last pair in 2000 for $666,000.

Last but not really least (which is relative anyway) are Weitzman’s Retro Rose Stilettos with a price tag of a mere $1,000,000.

The two diamond roses fixed to the 1940s style, dusty, gold high heels contain more than 1,800 Kwiat diamonds weighing 100 carats!

Last year Weitzman selected screenwriter, Diablo Cody, to sport these spectacular Retro Rose heels down the Academy Awards red carpet. Initially, she agreed but then reneged after critics questioned her anti-Hollywood beliefs for participating in a glamorous publicity stunt. She opted to wear an unnamed brand instead.

And so my friends, you can look but not touch that which glitters and in this case really is gold.

This lavish roster of nine of the most expensive pairs of shoes ever made for the human foot to slide into represents a rather dubious treasure. Who besides maybe the Queen of Sheba and her King would ever dare to wear them anywhere without a few armed bodyguards flanking each shoe, defying anyone to approach?

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  1. HighHeelz on Saturday 2, 2009

    You notice how many of these shoes were made to be worn at some awards show and then half the damn celebs decided not to wear them… Sheesh..

    Also I wonder what happened to all the shoes now?

  2. Innomen on Saturday 2, 2009

    20,000 people starved to death today. Why do we let the people that make/buy this stuff live again? Does basic respect for life seriously apply to people who clearly have none?

  3. allan on Saturday 2, 2009

    Well I try to start a men's elevator shoe company, I laid a deposit for an order and and so the manufacturer made me a sample to try out! its taken so in developing the shoes that it feels like I have paid $40,000 dollars for a pair of elevator shoes.

    Im hoping is works out soooooooon. xxx

  4. michael antonio on Saturday 2, 2009

    These shoes like a piece of art- judging by the price! Know your budget!!!

  5. cake on Saturday 2, 2009

    these are the ugliest shoes i have ever seen

  6. michail jordan on Saturday 2, 2009


  7. Marcelle on Saturday 2, 2009

    I wonder if your able to insure those shoes just in case you loose a couple of diamonds in your shoe.

  8. Train on Saturday 2, 2009

    ok i guess i'll answer some questions. the Cinderella slippers are now on display in a boutique in bev hills, and many of the other shoes are also on display in various stores around the world. and yes you are able to insure these shoes. to someone who said people who buy nice shoes should die, well your an idiot. just because some people (me) like to indulge themselves with nice expensive things, that doesn't mean they shouldn't live or that they are evil…Being into fashion, these shoes are all works of art with the exception of a few. and yes i'll admit some of the prices are slightly rediculous but hey, let the rich people buy their nice stuff.

  9. Daja on Saturday 2, 2009

    "George Bush cound't afford these shoes"

  10. james on Saturday 2, 2009

    instead of spending so much on shoes, y dont people spend it on damn food for the poor.

  11. Tejiri on Saturday 2, 2009

    Its not worth it one bit, besides they wouldnt b able to wear it comfortably without watching with wary eyes and on the other hand they dont look as good as i thought.. What a waste..

  12. brandon on Saturday 2, 2009

    let the people buy what they want!! Freebird lives on