Natalie Portman Flower Shoe

Natalie Portman Flower Shoe

The summer and spring always bring flowers to mind and sometimes to your wardrobe as well, but this year flowers are showing up on clothing in some unexpected and unusual ways.

Floral accessories are hotter than ever with flower shoes really catching a lot of attention. The way flowers are being used on shoes runs the gamut from printed floral fabrics to embellished gem flowers and layers of chiffon flowers.

Of course flowers aren’t limited to shoes this season, they’re cropping up on handbags, jewelry, belts and even clothing. Just don’t fall into the trap of going over the top floral.

But if you aren’t willing to buy a new wardrobe or slate of accessories to follow the flower trend, there is still a way you can do it. Look for floral pins that you can attach to purses, shoes, clothing and anything else you can think of to bring the latest trend to your wardrobe. This is a wonderful way to add spice to your outfits without spending a lot. Collect a number of floral pins and you can design your own unique looks.

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  1. hair bows on Monday 24, 2010

    I really love flower designs, especially on dress and hair accessories. For me, they add a little spice on my outfit. Anyway, thanks for the floral pins link. =)