BeyonceTired of always wearing black?

Jewel-tone colors from emerald green to ruby red are extremely fashionable this season. Whether you are attending an A-list event like Beyonce (who is pictured here in this fabulous mermaid cut number) or heading to your company Christmas party, jewel-tones are the way to go.

Unfortunately, all of us don’t have the confidence (or the body) to pull off some of the designer fashions that we see on the runway and red carpet. Many women fall into the rut of sticking with neutrals, particularly black.

If you want to wear radiant jewel-tone colors this season but can’t quite do it, start out small with shoes and accessories.

Begin by adding a pair of green patent flats to your wardrobe. Green flats would look great with a black pantsuit, grey mini-dress with tights, or even with a chocolate brown sweater dress.

Next pick up a fabulous handbag. A green satchel or ruby red clutch are perfect around the holidays.

Once you start getting used to having a little color in your wardrobe, you’ll actually find your like it.

Next thing you know, you’ll be asking Beyonce to borrow her mermaid dress!

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