Amy Adams Golden Globes 2010

Amy Adams Golden Globes 2010

I’ll admit it, I’m one of those people who doesn’t think pregnant women glow, I think they just look lumpy and usually uncomfortable. (I also don’t think newborns are automatically cute – but I digress). But at the 2010 Golden Globes one pregnant actress set a shining example of how exceptional a Hollywood mom-to-be can look.

Her jewel toned dress was draped in a flattering way that doesn’t try to hide her baby bump but doesn’t emphasize it either. The color is also incredibly flattering for her skin and hair tone and I’m sure it’s a color she resorts to often. To complement and offset the dress she chose a gold brooch, gold handbag and gold open toe pumps.

Quite honestly if there was anything I’d dump from the outfit it would be the brooch. I’m all for brooches becoming cool again, there’s some sort of old fashioned charm about them that I like, but the one she’s wearing seems sort of frumpy and not old fashioned in a good way.

But if there was anything I could take away from this outfit and keep for myself, it would be the matching handbag and shoes. The vibrant orange gold color is stunningly beautiful and must not be comfortable for swollen pregnant feet but look amazing. More pregnant starlets should take Amy Adam’s example and shoot for a sophisticated flattering look.

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