Angelina Jolie - Brad Pitt

Angelina’s long frock of a dress at the SAG Awards fueled rumors that she is pregnant. Over the last few weeks, rumors have been been spreading like wild fire that she is expecting twins. Other rumors are that Brangelina are adopting a Hurricane Katrina orphan.

Whether she’s pregnant or not, she still looked radiant in her tie-dye style flowing gown.

My biggest complaint about these award shows is the gowns cover up the shoes. Because the gowns often flow to the ground and beyond, we don’t know what kind of shoes these ladies are wearing. They could be wearing a fabulous elegant evening sandal or a pair of sneakers and we’d never know!

Angelina’s gown wasn’t even in my top three from the SAG Awards. Here are some of my favs:

Amanda Bynes
Wow she looks just adorable in this Bohemian inspired gown. What I love about her gown is it’s so different that everyone else’s attire. Though she’s young, Amanda has a very keen sense of style and always looks fabulous.

Amanda Bynes

Kate Beckinsale
I’m so envious of the ladies that can pull off yellow. It’s definitely not my color. However, here Kate makes it look just gorgeous. I love the skirt of this dress. The tiers flow so nicely. She complements her gown well with lots of glitzy bracelets and a pin at her waistline.

Kate Beckinsale

Eva Longoria
Eva looks radiant in this open-back white gown embellished in silver. Eva is looking a lot more curvy these days. She finally has some roundness to her butt. I know Eva said that she’s gained 10 pounds during the strike, but could she be expecting? I wonder if the little Longoria-Parkers will want to act or play basketball. Probably both! I did see a strappy platform peeping out from under Eva’s dress.


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