Angie Harmon

Here, Angie Harmon attends the Seventh Annual Awards Season Diamond Fashion Show Preview in Beverly Hills last week. Though I have always though Angie was very beautiful. She misses completely with this outfit.

The dress is actually lovely, but she ruins it with shoes that are far too busy.

If you are going to wear a dress with any type of pattern, then you MUST keep your shoes simple. A simple open-toe black pump or slingback sandal would have been appropriate. But a T-strap, criss-cross, peep-toe combination like the one she is wearing is just too much. Keep it basic.

Also in attendance (among a bunch of other fantastic women) was Jennifer Morrison. I’m really unsure where she was trying to go with this outfit. The top has a sort of Star Trek thing going on. And it’s tucked in too tightly to her skirt (which is a few sizes too big). A-line skirts are very cute right now, but she would have looked much better in something fitted.

Jennifer is wearing a cute pair of black peep-toe pumps, but they don’t mesh with her outfit at all. With her fair complexion, she should have considered wearing a darker outfit with opaque tights and perhaps a pair of boots. This ensemble just doesn’t complement her skintone or body style well at all.

Jennifer Morrison

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