Eve Leopard Print Shoes

Eve Leopard Print Shoes

I don’t know why but it seems as if the animal print for shoes has become the shoe version of the little black dress. It keeps cropping up in different variations and different prints every season and is being viewed as a neutral of sorts.

This year it’s the giraffe print that has become the hottest new sensation for shoes, handbags and other accessories. This print plays well in black and white and brown and white and this makes it one of the better neutral prints and adds incredible spice to an outfit.

Leopard prints are still popular and have almost made the transition from trendy and sometimes trashy to modern wardrobe staple. Having one or two leopard print items in your wardrobe is becoming pretty mainstream and the neutral hues in most leopard prints boosts its versatility.

One animal print that has made the transition to wardrobe staple for women and is heading that way for men as well is the snake skin. This look comes in a huge number of colors, some neutral, some not. But the print itself is neutral enough to be paired with almost any outfit as it can be incredibly subtle.

So go wild and add some animal prints to your shoe wardrobe. You’ll be glad you did.

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