Yesterday at the InStyle Diamond Fashion Show Preview Luncheon at the Beverly Hills Hotel, many celebs were in attendance and looking fabulous. From Jennifer Love Hewitt, who was flashing her bling, to Debra Messing, who looked better than ever.

But let’s take a look at someone, whose fashion sense wasn’t up to par.

Anna Friel

I’m all for the blending of different textures and fabrics, but everything is wrong with actress Anna Friel’s outfit. Black, red and white normally work will together … but not here.

I understand the look she was going for, but she missed the mark. Her black satin skirt has too much sheen and doesn’t blend will with the light fabric of the white and black top.

And speaking of the top, that’s way too much collar for her; it makes her look like she’s trying to hard to be stylish. The reedeming quality of this ensemble is the shoes. These red patent pumps are gorgeous. These just don’t work will with the rest of her outfit.

Overall, this outfit has just too much going. And she also doesn’t wear black that well without hose or tights. Because she has such a fair complexion, the black really makes her look too pale.

I would really love to have seen her in a dark red sweater dress or even a grey dress with tights and her same red shoes.

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