Cynthia Gibson New Sex in the City Movie

Cynthia Gibson New Sex in the City Movie

I’m on top of all of the latest trends in shoes and have noticed something that I’m a little conflicted about. It seems that many of the shoe trends that have popped up in the last year or two are geared more toward comfort than anything else.

First there are athletic shoes. Sure we’ve always had them and we’ve worn them but we typically saved them for workouts and slipped back into our heels between work outs. No so anymore.

Then there were the flats. Cropping up everywhere the flat became cool again and everyone seemed ready to adopt a flat in any style.

We also had the emergence of the fisherman shoe, part sandal and part athletic shoe, these shoes have their place but it’s definitely not a runway.

Then we also have the reemergence of the menswear oxfords for women. This androgynous shoe is comfy but definitely not sexy, well, not unless you amp the heel and strip a lot of the comfort out of it.

Now I’m not opposed to comfort, I’m sitting here on my couch writing this in my flannel pajamas but aren’t fashion and beauty supposed to hurt? I mean the saying is no pain to gain, right?

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