Rihanna's Ugly Booties

Rihanna's Ugly Booties

Okay so boots were the complete trend of the winter 2009 and 2010, if you didn’t have a new pair of boots (any kind of boot) you were woefully out of style.

Well here I am being a little logical and thinking that the boot trend will continue into the spring, but since it’s warm out people may opt for a bootie as opposed to a full boot, even the weird cutout bootie may find a home. And this may be true but I got so distracted by the ugly booties on the market I couldn’t continue my research.

So first I see what can only be described as the bearded bootie, part pink suede bootie, part fringed nightmare all coming together down the front of your foot.

Then I catch sight of the sunshine bondage bootie, a freakishly yellow color with unusual straps and elastic winding around your foot in an incredibly nonsensical way.

I thought those two were bad and then the purple python bootie slithered my way with its glazed snake embossed leather dyed in every color of purple you can imagine, all packed into a tiny cowboy styled bootie.

One would hope that was it but then there is the is-it-a-bootie-or-a-sweater look, the let’s-throw-a-buckle-on-it bootie, and so many more. So the only conclusion is that this season is going to be the ugly bootie season and expect to see more ridiculous styles.

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