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President Obama’s Top 7 Shoes For Kicking Ass

“And I don’t sit around just talking to experts because this is a college seminar; we talk to these folks because they potentially have the best answers, so I know whose ass to kick,” – President Barack Obama After 60 days of BP pumping oil into the Gulf of Mexico (which has now officially surpassed […]

Brittany Snow in Fuchsia

Cute Brittany Snow was wearing this fuchsia dress at MTV TRL earlier this week. Umm… yes because your black bra and black slip is hanging out doesn’t mean you should add black accessories to match! Tacky! Her black patent sandals are too thick, chunky and harsh for this dress. The adorable dress would have looked […]

Lindsay Lohan in Beverly Hills

Lindsay Lohan went shopping in Beverly Hills yesterday wearing a big Fedora and oversized sunglasses. I have always thought if the celebs really didn’t want to be recognized, they would skip the hats and glasses. Just don’t wear makeup and put your hair in a ponytail – chances are no one will recognize you. The […]

Eva Longoria in Nice, France

Eva Longoria Parker is in Nice, France and she’s looking very … um, well, French. Eva’s pulled back hair, colorful silk scarf and gold disc earrings are all very European. And I simply adore her pearly swing coat. The one thing I can’t stand about this outfit is the boots. They just don’t seem to […]

Rachael Ray Lets It All Hang Out

The Food Bank For New York held their 5th annual fundraiser – the Can-Do Awards Dinner – last night at Abigail Kirsch’s Pier Sixty. A lot of celebs were in attendance, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Lorraine Bracco, Blythe Danner, Christy Turlington, Ed Burns and Katie Lee Joel, among others. And Rachael Ray was there too, letting […]

Liv Tyler With Milo in NYC

Liv Tyler was out and about with her son Milo in New York City. Even though Liv is extremely casual here, she still looks a little trendy with her trench coat and leopard print shoulder bag. Just because you aren’t going to work or a special event doesn’t mean you should just throw on any […]

Audrina Patridge in Grey

Audrina Patridge was at the Kenneth Cole Celebrates The Awareness Fund event last night looking extremely hot. You probably know Audrina from her nude photos that were circulating around the Internet recently. Or maybe, you have actually seen her on the MTV reality series “The Hills.” She’s a gorgeous young woman and last night she […]

Elisha Cuthbert at the Airport

Fashion disaster alert!! I am all for being comfortable while you are traveling but this mismatched ensemble from Elisha Cuthbert is just a little too much. What’s funny is that if Britney Spears were wearing this outfit, everyone would think it’s really atrocious. But today, I’ve heard some celebrity followers say how cute Elisha looks […]

Marissa Miller – Victoria’s Secret Swim 2008 Collection

Marissa Miller looked just adorable at the unveiling of the Victoria’s Secret Swim 2008 Collection. She wore a cute floral print strapless dress. The elastic bodice emphasizes her waist and the pleated flouncy skirt is very feminine and fun. Though you might expect hereto be wearing a spring sandal, instead Marissa wore a satin pump […]

Mariah Carey in Purple

Mariah Carey is a beautiful woman, but sometimes she really needs to tone it down a notch. Today she was letting it all hang out as she left the Claridges Hotel in London wearing a tighter than tight purple dress. I love purple and it’s a great color for her. But not in this dress, […]