Kate Moss Over the Knee Boots

Okay, I know everyone is saying that the over the knee boot is the latest must have fashion craze this season for celebrities and us regular people alike. And it’s true, celebrities all over are pulling on an extra long pair of over the knee boots to prove that they are the fashion forward trend setters that everyone wants them to be.

The reality is that probably very few people, outside of the celebrity and rock and roll world, will actually buy over the knee boots for a few reasons.  Number one, they’re going to be expensive with all that extra leather. Number two, they’re really not flattering unless you’ve got a model’s body with extra long thin legs. Number three, they can be uncomfortable for walking and sitting. And number four, they look a little silly most of the time. So save your money and skip the over the knee boot trend.

Another trend that’s extremely popular are the flat boots. This trend started last year and has really gained some ground, but not everyone is ready to really go flat with their boots. There is something about most flat boot styles that is a little too Robin Hood and his Merry Men for most people. So although this trend has held its ground and will probably be around for a while and it’s probably going to stay, don’t feel you have to go totally flat, heels will always be in and a stiletto heeled boot is always going to be sexier than a flat soled one.

Another thing to be wary of when buying boots this season, the cankle (the dreaded fat ankle that looks like its half calf half ankle). Boots are being designed with wider ankles so women can slip their pants inside, a burning hot style you’ll want to adopt. The problem is the added space in the boots can make you look like you have cankles or that your boots don’t fit well. Make sure you try on all boots and give yourself a once over in the mirror before buying.

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  1. Jill on Tuesday 6, 2009

    Yeah, cankle boots are EVERYWHERE this season. You really have to try on that slouchy style to make sure it won't make you look like an old lady trying to be trendy 🙂