Nicky Hilton Booties

Booties or ankle boots or shoeties, whatever you’re going to call them, they are the biggest thing in shoes right now. Booties are so trendy in fact that they’re inspiring their own trends within a trend.

All Star Booties

Believe it or not, Converse has entered the fray and created a bootie sneaker that is oddly similar to their famous Chuck Taylors. I’m not sure about these yet, they’re sort of appealing and sort of ugly but I think maybe they could sway me to their side. I especially like that the top can be folded over and the contrasting lining give them a totally new look.

Gladiator Booties

The gladiator shoe may have run its course in sandals but that doesn’t mean it’s gone yet. The gladiator bootie seems to just be hitting the market, a cross between a gladiator sandal and a traditional bootie, this trend has some legs and may last more than just this season.

Combat Bootie

This look I just love, guess it’s my roots in the days of my youth when combat shoes were required rebellion. The combat bootie is a sexy, tough way of bringing back some of that nostalgia. It makes me want to shred a little black dress, put it back together with safety pins and pull on some ripped tights and these combat booties and go dancing.

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