Helena Bonham Carter in Weird Mules

Helena Bonham Carter in Weird Mules

When people think of spring shoes they generally conjure up images of pastel and floral inspired sandals, but spring can actually be a pretty chilly season for many people and sandals aren’t always the best shoe choice. The alternative – mules. Mules are comfortable, sassy, and convenient, giving you a little bit of exposure but providing more coverage than a typical sandal.

This season you’ll be seeing more mules this season for men, women and children as this shoe style has branched into almost every other realm. There are slipper mules, sandal mules, athletic mules, platform mules, and any other type of mule you can think of.

This season you’ll also see a resurgence in clogs for similar practical and fashion related reasons. Which brings up the age old question of what’s the difference between clogs and mules? Actually today not much separates a clog and a mule but there are a couple of guidelines to help you categorize. Clogs are typically closed toe shoes and tend to rest on lower wooden heels. Mules are backless shoes that often have a higher heel and can, but don’t need to have, an open toe.

No matter what you call them, to be trendy in Spring 2010 you’re going to want a pair of clogs or mules.

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