Spring Shoe Trends

Spring Shoe Trends

I went shopping this weekend and didn’t buy any shoes, as a matter of fact, I haven’t bought any shoes yet in 2010. The main reason I’m not participating in my favorite addiction is that I’m just not seeing anything I like. Most of the shoes I see in department stores are (yawn) boring. I’ve got my boots for this season and nothing I see is really unusual or has that I-just-have-to-have-it look.

So far the spring lines have stayed hidden in the department stores, but online you can see a little bit of what spring 2010 shoes will have to offer. One trend I’m seeing that I’m not really excited about are the chunky sandals. Sure I’ll probably own a pair or two, but to be perfectly honest, I still own a pair or two from the last time this trend came around and they’re not the sexiest shoes in my closet.

Another sandal trend I’m seeing is metallic sandals or sandals with studs and other metal embellishments. This trend can go a bit too far with cheap looking metallic materials but when done well it’s a hot look and I’ll probably be willing to head down that road, sparkling all the way.

The one thing that’s obviously missing in the spring 2010 shoe line up online are the pretty colors, the springtime feeling. Hopefully this will come with time because wearing a sexy strappy pair of pink or lime green shoes is what finally banishes my winter blues. Oh, and speaking of blue, a nice pair of turquoise platforms would be the perfect way to welcome spring 2010.

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