Kate Hudson ExercisingFor me the cold weather means it’s time to find a gym and renew my resolutions to get in shape. And as with everything in my life, change means new shoes.

Buying athletic shoes is different than buying dress shoes or casual shoes. The typical little pinches and uncomfortable points just aren’t acceptable with athletic shoes, in fact they can be quite harmful so finding a well fitting pair of athletic shoes is key to a good workout.

Cross trainers are good if you are new to exercise and will be trying a couple different things, including aerobic style exercise, but if you’ve got a specific type of exercise in mind you will want to find shoes that are designed for that sport. Running shoes are designed to support a foot properly when you’re running, likewise with other sport specific shoes like basketball shoes, tennis shoes et cetera. This may mean you need more than one pair of shoes but they’ll last twice as long and will give you the support and protection you need meaning your feet will be happier and you’re more likely to keep exercising.

If possible, try on athletic shoes right after you’ve exercised. When you exercise your feet tend to swell a little bit and you want shoes that feel comfortable during the exercise and when your feet are swollen. Pay particular attention to the ankles and toes to make sure there isn’t any slipping and sliding and pinching or uncomfortable pressure. Well fitting athletic shoes can actually help you get and stay in shape.

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