Sex and the City Metallic Shoes

Sex and the City Metallic Shoes

The metallic strappy sandal has been proclaimed the big summer sandal trend and one that every woman should own. But are your feet really ready to go metal? And if you are is your daughter or your mom? Metallic shoes have a bit of an image and that image isn’t for everyone. Or should I say that image wasn’t for everyone because metallic sandals have shaken off old preconceptions and now really do have a place in every woman’s closet.

The super studded, accessorized, glam, bling and WOW Luichiny Women’s Shock Me Sandal isn’t for everyone but there definitely is market for this shoe and for those adventurous souls then these are the soles you want.

For someone on the other end of the spectrum, the Annie Women’s Saturn shoe is a great way to go. This subtle metallic sandal is low heeled, comes with a duo of metallic finishes and adds just a simple touch of glamour.

The Reef Women’s Wispy flip flop is really a shoe for almost anyone. The metallic touch of the strap makes it neutral enough to go with almost any  outfit and it’s not bold enough to feel uncomfortable to distracting.

Put aside your preconceptions and peruse the metallic sandals available until you find the right one to suit your tastes.

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