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Outdoor Shoes to Get You through the Summer

The summer of 2010 should be a beautiful one, perfect for spending a lot of time outdoors enjoying Mother Nature. So as all shoe lovers know, you need the right shoes for outdoor activities. One of the most popular summer outdoor activities is hiking because it can be done by almost anyone. Today’s hiking shoes […]

Shoes for Health

In the last year shoes that claim to give you a little extra work out while you walk have really caught the attention of consumers. The originators of this technology are MBT or Masai Barefoot Technology but it’s the ad campaigns by Skechers Shape-Ups that got the world interested and it will no doubt be […]

What’s New in Denim Shoes

Every season there is a new must-have pair of jeans on the market but there are also a lot of shoes that are made of denim, and this season there appears to be more ways to use denim in shoes than ever before. The athletic shoe and the skate shoe are using a lot more […]

Ed Hardy Shoes for Women

Ed Hardy has made clothes for women for quite a while but their appeal wasn’t quite as fetching for women as it was for men. But now they finally may have hit upon something that really appeals to women, Ed Hardy Shoes for Women. Rather than tipping their toes in the market, Ed Hardy dove […]

Fitness Sandals for the Summer

We had to know it was coming, the latest shoe fitness craze has moved from just athletic shoes to sandals. Those of us who are old enough to remember the Dr. Scholl’s fad of the late 70’s and early 80’s will remember that these flip flops were touted as a shoe that could help you […]

Sneakers Get Uber Trendy

I’ve stated before that printed shoes are the thing this season, I expected the printed heel on wedge sandals would really take off but it seems as though sneakers or sport shoes are the way to go. Converse sneakers are really playing with prints this season, coming out with both high tops and low tops […]

Kid’s Shoe Trends for 2010

There is a certain significance to shoes, whether they’re for adults or kids. Shoes say a lot about who you are and what is important to you. Today’s kids are very aware of that fact and having trendy is important. Shoe trends for kids for 2010 are not surprising by any stretch of the imagination, […]

Two Must Have Shoes for Spring 2010

Yes, there are two pairs of shoes that you absolutely must have this spring and I think you’re going to be surprised by both of them. The first is a pair of shoes you have to rush out and buy is a pair of clogs. Yep, that’s right. A pair of clogs. The modern clog […]

Shoes Designed to Promote Health and Fitness

You can hardly watch a half hour sitcom these days or flip through a section of the newspaper without seeing some diet aid that is promising to help you shed pounds and inches without any extra work. And millions of people are jumping on this too good to be true bandwagon. So when the shoe […]

Find the Best Deals on Shoes

Tis the season for shoe sales and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve admitted that I’m trying to refrain from buying shoes this year but there is always room in the budget for practical shoes that will be around more than one or two seasons. If you’re looking to scoop up some deals on shoes there […]