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President Obama’s Top 7 Shoes For Kicking Ass

“And I don’t sit around just talking to experts because this is a college seminar; we talk to these folks because they potentially have the best answers, so I know whose ass to kick,” – President Barack Obama After 60 days of BP pumping oil into the Gulf of Mexico (which has now officially surpassed […]

Western Wear Still Holding Strong

The cowboy boot or western boot established a pretty firm foothold this winter as more women looked to sturdy, durable shoes that made them feel empowered in a time of economic uncertainty and crisis. It wasn’t just the western boot that made an impression but motorcycle boots and motocross shoes also grabbed the attention of […]

Summer Booties

Boots go with summer like flip flops go with winter. Okay, so that’s a practical sentence, one you’d find in an ACT test but the reality is people wear flip flops in the winter and this summer you’ll probably start seeing a lot of people wearing boots too. The boundary got blurred when cut out boots […]

Cowboy Boots with Dresses

I don’t know why, maybe it’s the tomboy in me, but I’ve always loved the look of cowboy boots and dresses but never really felt comfortable pulling that look off. Even cowboy boots and shorts always felt weird to me. But this might be the year to try wearing cowboy boots and a dress. It’s […]

Find the Best Deals on Shoes

Tis the season for shoe sales and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve admitted that I’m trying to refrain from buying shoes this year but there is always room in the budget for practical shoes that will be around more than one or two seasons. If you’re looking to scoop up some deals on shoes there […]

Those Non-Sexy Shoes We All Need

Not all shoe shopping is fun or exciting or gives you that thrill that buying a sexy new pair of designer heels does but we need other shoes, well at least most of us do. One shoe I need and have way too many of is athletic shoes. They’re definitely not one of those purchases […]

Valentine’s Day Shoes

This weekend (on a Sunday of all days) is the sexiest holiday of the year. So what goes with new lingerie? Incredibly sexy shoes, that’s what. So what shoes will you wear for Valentine’s Day? If you’re sweetie likes to see you in one of those dominatrix sort of things with a leather bustier with […]

Are Ugly Booties the Latest Trend?

Okay so boots were the complete trend of the winter 2009 and 2010, if you didn’t have a new pair of boots (any kind of boot) you were woefully out of style. Well here I am being a little logical and thinking that the boot trend will continue into the spring, but since it’s warm […]

Is There a Perfect Shoe?

Well, so far this year I have not bought a pair of shoes. It wasn’t necessarily a new year’s resolution, but I am trying to take control of my addictions (mainly the shopping ones) and be more practical with my money. And I have to admit that not buying any shoes in January wasn’t really […]

What Shoe Are You?

Have you ever wondered, if I was a shoe what shoe would I be? Probably not, but let’s play anyway. What do you do on your free time? a)    Something outdoorsy. b)    Go shopping. c)    Who has free time? d)    Go on a date. What are you most thankful for? a)    My health. b)    All […]