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President Obama’s Top 7 Shoes For Kicking Ass

“And I don’t sit around just talking to experts because this is a college seminar; we talk to these folks because they potentially have the best answers, so I know whose ass to kick,” – President Barack Obama After 60 days of BP pumping oil into the Gulf of Mexico (which has now officially surpassed […]

Go Wild with Animal Accessories

The hottest accessory trend sweeping America now is Sillybandz a trend designed for kids and these rubber band bracelets are THE must have item this season. Most Sillybandz are shaped like animals (although there are holiday specific ones and letters and numbers) and kids are striving to have every one of their favorites. So what […]

Flip Flops for Summer

Each season has a staple shoe, that must have shoe which is both practical, comfortable and the shoe you turn to as you’re running out the door. The summer shoe of choice is obviously a sandal but more specifically it’s the flip flop. The savvy shoe shopper will purchase a pair of flip flops that […]

Kid’s Shoe Trends for 2010

There is a certain significance to shoes, whether they’re for adults or kids. Shoes say a lot about who you are and what is important to you. Today’s kids are very aware of that fact and having trendy is important. Shoe trends for kids for 2010 are not surprising by any stretch of the imagination, […]

Foot Prints: Get Them While They’re Hot

For awhile now shoes haven’t been just shoes, they need to have more flash, height, bling, embellishments, just more of everything. So this season the print is super hot for shoes. Animal prints have always had a place in home décor, clothing and accessories. This year there has been a trend toward incorporating prints into […]

Metallic Accessories are a Must

The metallic look has been dancing around the edges of fashion for a while and this year it’s taking hold of the accessory market. Metallic shoes like the Tory Burch Thora Cork Wedge Sandals are very trendy and this particular shoe also fills a few other trends for 2010, the cork and wedge sole being […]

Thongs and Flip Flops for 2010

Let’s spend a minute talking about flip flops or thongs (the shoe kind not the underwear). Make no mistake about it, flip flops and thongs will still be everywhere, luckily it is no longer a winter fashion trend for the young and stupid but its approaching summer and everyone will have at least one or […]

Clogs Become Essential

An unusual choice has hit the streets for the must-have spring 2010 shoe, a clog. Typically considered a fall shoe, the clog takes flight and revamps itself for spring and summer 2010. Previously I’ve spent a little time explaining the difference between a clog and a mule, and quite frankly there isn’t much of a […]

Headbands and Bows, The New Accessory Trend

There is a huge trend hitting the runways and starting to crop up in the stores and it soon will probably be spotted on your favorite celebrities and maybe even in your own mirror. The trend is huge hair bows like the one seen on Audrey Kitching above, well, okay maybe not that huge but […]

Must Have Shoes for Spring 2010

The shoe styles for Spring 2010 have been set for a while and they’re finally hitting the shelves. It’s pretty evident that there are a few pairs of shoes you must have to fit in with the popular crowd this spring, the good news is that if you have a pair from last year you […]