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Fashion Week 2010 Shoe Style

It’s fashion week and forget about the outfits these gals are wearing, what I want to know is what is on their feet?! I’m seeing a couple trends in shoes for 2010 and they all have one thing in common, they scream for attention. Bright Colors One of my favorite trends in shoes is coming […]

Shoe Trends at NY Fashion Week 2009

New York’s Fashion Week is in full swing and there are some great fashion trends that are catching our attention for all the right reasons. And as usual, there are some that are catching our attention for all the wrong ones, like the soleless shoes above. Luckily with the recession in full swing the outrageous […]

Rose McGowan at Fashion Week

I’m actually a Rose McGowan fan … but not in this outfit. I love that a lot of the celebs are mixing it up with dark hose and light pumps, but it just doesn’t work well for her. Starting off from the top, her lipstick isn’t very flattering. It clashing with her hair color and […]

Celebs at New York Fashion Week

Celebrities, designers, fashionistas and just about everyone who can make it to New York is attending fashion week. Here we take a quick glimpse, not at the clothes on the runway, but rather on the ladies who are watching the shows! Let’s start out with someone who is all class – Angie Harmon. Here, she […]