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The Thong is Back

Before you bust into the thong song, I’m not talking about that sort of thong. But the thong shoe has made a huge comeback this year and it’s a good thing it has because it’s an incredible look and doesn’t come with that annoying flapping sound that flip flops do. I think the thong sandal’s […]

Flip Flops for Summer

Each season has a staple shoe, that must have shoe which is both practical, comfortable and the shoe you turn to as you’re running out the door. The summer shoe of choice is obviously a sandal but more specifically it’s the flip flop. The savvy shoe shopper will purchase a pair of flip flops that […]

Ed Hardy Shoes for Women

Ed Hardy has made clothes for women for quite a while but their appeal wasn’t quite as fetching for women as it was for men. But now they finally may have hit upon something that really appeals to women, Ed Hardy Shoes for Women. Rather than tipping their toes in the market, Ed Hardy dove […]

Thongs and Flip Flops for 2010

Let’s spend a minute talking about flip flops or thongs (the shoe kind not the underwear). Make no mistake about it, flip flops and thongs will still be everywhere, luckily it is no longer a winter fashion trend for the young and stupid but its approaching summer and everyone will have at least one or […]

Those Non-Sexy Shoes We All Need

Not all shoe shopping is fun or exciting or gives you that thrill that buying a sexy new pair of designer heels does but we need other shoes, well at least most of us do. One shoe I need and have way too many of is athletic shoes. They’re definitely not one of those purchases […]

What Shoe Are You?

Have you ever wondered, if I was a shoe what shoe would I be? Probably not, but let’s play anyway. What do you do on your free time? a)    Something outdoorsy. b)    Go shopping. c)    Who has free time? d)    Go on a date. What are you most thankful for? a)    My health. b)    All […]

Are Trendy Shoes too Comfortable?

I’m on top of all of the latest trends in shoes and have noticed something that I’m a little conflicted about. It seems that many of the shoe trends that have popped up in the last year or two are geared more toward comfort than anything else. First there are athletic shoes. Sure we’ve always […]

The High and Low End of Things

A quick lap through any department store’s shoe section and you can see two obvious trends, and they’re not new ones. The trends are flats and platforms. It’s interesting that the two trends are sort of polar opposites of each other. I have a definite preference for high heels, I save the flats for jogging […]

Hey Florida, Where are the Boots?

Okay, I’m in Florida on vacation experiencing record breaking cold weather. I totally packed wrong and I end up wearing a combination of my one sweatshirt, my one sweater or both sweater and sweatshirt every day. And for shoes, I’m afraid I’m stepping out in the dreaded and dowdy tennis shoe. ARGH! I’m really a […]

Sandals for the Summer

Are you ready to buy your summer sandals? I know I’m definitely not as there is still at least a foot of snow outside my house and I’ve still got at least three months of snow coming my way. But I am ready to start searching for the latest sandal trend for the summer of […]