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The Thong is Back

Before you bust into the thong song, I’m not talking about that sort of thong. But the thong shoe has made a huge comeback this year and it’s a good thing it has because it’s an incredible look and doesn’t come with that annoying flapping sound that flip flops do. I think the thong sandal’s […]

Summer Sandals that Standout

This summer the sandal has come in so many incarnations that each one seems to want to stand out on its own and grab everyone’s attention. Gladiator sandals are desperately trying to hold onto their position in your closet but with the fad fading it are not an easy task. To make gladiators more appealing […]

Can Your Feet Handle Metallic Shoes

The metallic strappy sandal has been proclaimed the big summer sandal trend and one that every woman should own. But are your feet really ready to go metal? And if you are is your daughter or your mom? Metallic shoes have a bit of an image and that image isn’t for everyone. Or should I […]

Flip Flops for Summer

Each season has a staple shoe, that must have shoe which is both practical, comfortable and the shoe you turn to as you’re running out the door. The summer shoe of choice is obviously a sandal but more specifically it’s the flip flop. The savvy shoe shopper will purchase a pair of flip flops that […]

Ed Hardy Shoes for Women

Ed Hardy has made clothes for women for quite a while but their appeal wasn’t quite as fetching for women as it was for men. But now they finally may have hit upon something that really appeals to women, Ed Hardy Shoes for Women. Rather than tipping their toes in the market, Ed Hardy dove […]

Summer Sandals in 2010

Summer is around the corner so it’s time to get your sandal line up ready for the big shoe. This summer you’ll need a few different types of sandals to take you from morning to night and from fitness to fun. Fisherman Sandals are a big trend this year and a practical way to play […]

Fitness Sandals for the Summer

We had to know it was coming, the latest shoe fitness craze has moved from just athletic shoes to sandals. Those of us who are old enough to remember the Dr. Scholl’s fad of the late 70’s and early 80’s will remember that these flip flops were touted as a shoe that could help you […]

Men’s Sandals for Summer 2010

I don’t know what it is but some men look weird in all sandals, some sandals look weird on all men. So how does a man know what to wear when the summer rolls around? If you’re a man looking to put his right foot forward in summer shoes, sandals in particular, then the first […]

Summer Booties

Boots go with summer like flip flops go with winter. Okay, so that’s a practical sentence, one you’d find in an ACT test but the reality is people wear flip flops in the winter and this summer you’ll probably start seeing a lot of people wearing boots too. The boundary got blurred when cut out boots […]

Shoe Must Haves for 2010 Under $50

Let’s face it, it’s all about the shoes. What else really matters? Well, okay, it’s about the shoes and the budget. So today’s mission is to find the must have shoes for 2010 for under $50 a pair. The first must have shoe is the mule or clog. This fashion trend is so huge right […]