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Accessories: Stick a Flower on It

The summer and spring always bring flowers to mind and sometimes to your wardrobe as well, but this year flowers are showing up on clothing in some unexpected and unusual ways. Floral accessories are hotter than ever with flower shoes really catching a lot of attention. The way flowers are being used on shoes runs […]

Outdoor Shoes to Get You through the Summer

The summer of 2010 should be a beautiful one, perfect for spending a lot of time outdoors enjoying Mother Nature. So as all shoe lovers know, you need the right shoes for outdoor activities. One of the most popular summer outdoor activities is hiking because it can be done by almost anyone. Today’s hiking shoes […]

Animal Prints Again

I don’t know why but it seems as if the animal print for shoes has become the shoe version of the little black dress. It keeps cropping up in different variations and different prints every season and is being viewed as a neutral of sorts. This year it’s the giraffe print that has become the […]

Socks Need Attention Too

I know I usually talk about shoes but socks are actually pretty important too, not as exciting or thrilling as shoes, but important. Gone are the days where socks were just a layer between you and some of your shoes, today’s socks are high performance equipment in their own right. If you don’t believe me, […]

Must Have Footwear of the Season

I’ve added a new category to my must have shoes for the season, slippers. I don’t know why I never considered them an essential part of my shoe wardrobe before but I think they’re key now. I believe in the past slippers maybe weren’t as comfortable, weren’t as warm and I don’t know that there […]

Bring on the Mules for Spring 2010

When people think of spring shoes they generally conjure up images of pastel and floral inspired sandals, but spring can actually be a pretty chilly season for many people and sandals aren’t always the best shoe choice. The alternative – mules. Mules are comfortable, sassy, and convenient, giving you a little bit of exposure but […]

Take a Valentine’s Day Vacation

Okay so taking a vacation for Valentine’s Day doesn’t have a whole lot to do with shoes, which is sort of my main focus here, BUT just imagine all the cool new shoes you’ll need for your vacation! The main reason I’m suggesting taking a trip for Valentine’s Day is because I’ve been looking and […]

Let them Wear Slippers

One of the best parts of Christmas vacation is spending time locked in your cozy home wearing pajamas and comfy slippers while you watch holiday movies and eat Christmas treats. So why not get a pair of slippers for everyone on your Christmas list? Men’s slippers are pretty easy to navigate, the older the guy […]

What is Trendy in Little Girls’ Shoes

It’s the holiday season again and time to dress up for parties and family get-togethers. But as those with children know, it’s not just time for us to look good but kids want to follow the trends as well. This season the big rage with the big girls is the same rage with the little […]

Holiday and Party Shoes for 2009

The 2009 holiday season is upon us and you just have enough time to buy that perfect pair of holiday shoes for your seasonal parties. This season the clothing is a bit more understated, with classic cuts and solid colors reigning supreme so it’s the accessories that need to sparkle and grab attention. Embellished Shoes […]