Celebrities, designers, fashionistas and just about everyone who can make it to New York is attending fashion week. Here we take a quick glimpse, not at the clothes on the runway, but rather on the ladies who are watching the shows!

Let’s start out with someone who is all class – Angie Harmon.

Angie Harmon

Here, she looks stunningly beautiful at the Carolina Herrera show. Her dress is very basic yet so classy. The skinny belt is a great touch. I love that she wore monochromatic hose and patent pumps, rather than knee-high boots (like every woman behind her). She’s simply fantastic!

Next we have Sophia Bush.

Sophia Bush

Why would you ruin such a lovely dress with that ugly jacket? Even if it’s cold outside, you shouldn’t sacrifice your style. After all, you are at FASHION week. I’ll give her a couple points for her fabulous red shoes. But that jacket really has to go!

Now Anne Hathaway does things right.

Anne Hathaway

Again, she wears a very simple dress, but plays it up with great accessories. Her thick patent leather belt and glitzy bracelet are perfect complements to her basic black ensemble.

She livens up the outfit a little bit by choosing colorful pumps and a matching bag rather than sticking with black shoes.

Overall, the ladies of Hollywood having been looking pretty fabulous in New York! I can’t wait to see more of them!

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