Some celebs are always just “too much.” Christina Aguilera is one of those. Though I love the girls’ singing voice, everything else about her is just “in your face.” Case in point … Christina was hosting the 2009 Collection launch for Stephen Webster at TAO Las Vegas at the Venetian in Vegas last week.

Christina Aguilera
Of course, her hair was too bleached, her makeup too heavy and her cleavage too exposed. She’s pretty and I get her personna is bold. But don’t you wish you could just grab her, drag her into the bathroom and dye her hair? Oh and while, you are in there — wash her face too!

I do like her dress though. Instead of a strapless style, the sheer sleeves off a touch of extra coverage while still staying sexy. The length of the dress isn’t good for her though. The knee-length skirt cuts her legs in half, making her legs appear stumpy. If the dress was a little shorter (mid-thigh) or longer (a few inches below the knee), it would elongate her silhouette, making her look taller and thinner.

What do you think? Are you digging Christina Aguilera’s look?

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