Christina Applegate

A far cry from her slutty teenage fashions on “Married With Children,” Christina Applegate looked very classy at the premiere of “Over Her Dead Body.’

Wearing a simple black dress and gold jewelry, Christina almost looks looks matronly. Though I like her outfit a lot, Christina really could have left the boots and black nail polish at home. The tall black boots really don’t do this ensemble any justice. With the length of the skirt, she would have been much better off with a classic black pump or even a high heeled sandal.

Despite her footwear faux pas, Christina’s hair and makeup looks better than I’ve seen it in quite awhile. She oftentimes appears so disheveled that this look is certainly a big improvement.

Next time, if she can just do something about her shoes, Christina can pull it all together. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate tall flat boots – I just hate them with this outfit. With jeans tucked into them, or with a minidress and tights, these boots would have been just fine.

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