Alexa Chung in Clogs

Alexa Chung in Clogs

An unusual choice has hit the streets for the must-have spring 2010 shoe, a clog. Typically considered a fall shoe, the clog takes flight and revamps itself for spring and summer 2010.

Previously I’ve spent a little time explaining the difference between a clog and a mule, and quite frankly there isn’t much of a difference and the words are used interchangeably but traditionally a clog is a closed toe shoe with a lower, more solid heel. A mule is usually an open toe or a more sandal shaped upper with a higher, more pronounced heel. But overall, clogs and mules are very similar.

This season you’ll see both of these shoes fall under the same category, the clog and no matter what it officially is called, you’re going to need/want a pair.

There are so many different styles of clog hitting the market you can go way out and try something that looks more like a sandal or a fishermans shoe or you can go totally retro and pick a clog that really reminds you of when the fad was at its height in the 1970s. And while I don’t expect the clog trend to take off like the 70’s when even the men’s clog was a must have I do think we’ll be seeing some men in clogs in 2010.

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