Cuff Boot

Okay there is a new trend in boots this season that I’d seen but didn’t know what it was called until now, it’s the cuff boot. Now I actually have a pair of cuff boots but they’re just not the same as this new trend. The traditional cuff boot that we’re all familiar with have a “fold” (typically it’s not folded but built into the boot) at the top that extends for a few inches and quite often it’s a shearling type material or something contrasting.

The new cuff boot takes the cuff all the way down to the top of the heel and in some cases it actually looks like a pair of pants hanging over the outside of a regular pair of boots. This look is just not doing it for me, in fact I’m finding it rather ridiculous and can’t imagine who’d opt for this look.

You can find bootie cuff boots and knee high cuff boots online and in some stores but for a reason that’s pretty clear to me, you can’t seem to find them on anybody’s feet. These boots are really ugly and I’m willing to bet that this is a trend that doesn’t take off.

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