Diablo CodyDiablo Cody decided to wear her own shoes to the Oscars on Sunday night. Each year since 2002, a celebrity is selected to wear a pair of shoes encrusted with Kwait diamonds.

Though the shoes were presented to Diablo by Stuart Weitzman last week, Cody insisted that she had no idea that they were worth over a million dollars, or that she was expected to wear them on Oscar night.

On her MySpace page last week, Diablo wrote:

“…NEWS TO ME, kids. I must have somehow missed the part where my shoes cost a MILLION FUCKING DOLLARS and my “choice” of footwear would be publicized nationwide. I honestly thought they were just sparkly shoes. Mr. Weitzman did mention that the diamonds were real when I tried them on, but I’m not Nancy Rockman, Expert Gemologist. I didn’t, you know, bust out my miniature spyglass and assess the potential worth of my kicks.

I’m actually really pissed about this, now that I think about it. They’re using me to publicize their stupid shoes and NOBODY ASKED ME. I would never consent to a lame publicity stunt at a time when I already want to hide.”

When she arrived at the Academy Awards on Sunday, many thought she would have changed her mind and wore the shoes. However the stripper-turned-screenwriter stuck to her guns and decide to wear a pair of simple gold shoes under her leopard print Dior dress.

After taking home the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay for “Juno”, Diablo noted, “It was the silliest thing. Nobody asked me, nobody talked to me, it was just this crate in the room with my name on it.

“(I wore my) regular shoes … I’m actually not sure (how much they cost), but I’m sure it is nowhere near a million dollars. If I had a million dollars I would help people.”

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