Dr. Scholls

Dr. Scholls

Nobody is debating that Dr. Scholl’s makes great, smart shoes. They’re comfortable in a way that most shoes aren’t, they’re designed to promote foot and leg health and they’re practical. But I think most people agree that Dr. Scholl’s is not the most attractive shoe option out there.

That is until recently and after you explore the Dr. Scholl’s line a little further. The first Dr. Scholl’s shoe to make a big splash was the Women’s Original. These shoes were touted as the first shoe to make your leg look sleeker and sexier just by wearing and walking in them. Since then Dr. Scholl’s was known for making the Women’s Original flip flop and a work shoe that looks sort of like a nursing shoe.

I think it’s the lack of advertising that has left the world thinking that all Dr. Scholl’s did was the flip flop and some work shoes but they’ve branched out and created some new shoes that are totally adorable. The Dr. Scholl’s Original Women’s Zealous is one of those shoes. I’m not sure this shoe has the comfort or the leg thinning aspects of a traditional Dr. Scholl’s, but I bet its more comfortable than a lot of shoes on the market and cute enough to wear out.

They’ve also come out with a fisherman’s sandal and although these aren’t the cutest shoes around, they’re becoming very popular and you’ll not only see them all over but you’ll probably find a pair or two in your closet.

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