Ed Hardy Shoes

Ed Hardy Shoes

Ed Hardy has made clothes for women for quite a while but their appeal wasn’t quite as fetching for women as it was for men. But now they finally may have hit upon something that really appeals to women, Ed Hardy Shoes for Women.

Rather than tipping their toes in the market, Ed Hardy dove right in, head (or foot) first coming up with a full slate of shoes from athletic shoes to dress shoes.

Most of the Ed Hardy shoes, no matter what style you choose, are loud and full of graphic prints. So it’s the over-the-top Ed Hardy you’ve become used to. But there are more subtle designs as well. The Ed Hardy Women’s West LA pump comes in a variety of colors and still features a graphic print inside the shoe and on the exterior sole, but the shoe’s upper is solid with a very prominent Ed Hardy signature. The flat Ed Hardy Women’s Sin City is also minimally graphic but features the signature and metal stud embellishments.

So it appears as if Ed Hardy is trying to appeal to everybody in one way or another by creating a shoe style that suits your needs and a level of attention grabbing flair that ranges from screaming at the top of your lungs to a normal room tone. That’s right, there’s still no whispering with Ed Hardy.

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