Ed Norton

After spending some time training with the Maasai tribesmen of Africa, Ed Norton has decided that he is going to run in the New York City Marathon on November 1st. Ed Norton is running to raise awareness for the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust in hopes of protecting the African grasslands that the Maasai call home.

It is rumored that Ed Norton will be running with three of the Maasai tribesmen he trained with, one can reportedly run the marathon in under 150 minutes. It’s unclear whether this tribesman will be running to win or to pace with Ed Norton.

If you’d like to join Ed Norton, the Maasai and thousands of others in the race you’ll need to gear up properly with a comfortable pair of running shoes that can go the distance, a comfortable pair of shorts, a t-shirt that proudly supports your charity, and proper undergarments as a marathon isn’t just hard on your legs.

If you’d rather show your support for Ed Norton and the Maasai as they run the New York City Marathon you can join the 2 million cheering spectators or take a more sedentary route and watch the event on television.

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