Fashion disaster alert!! I am all for being comfortable while you are traveling but this mismatched ensemble from Elisha Cuthbert is just a little too much.

Elisha Cuthbert at the Airport

What’s funny is that if Britney Spears were wearing this outfit, everyone would think it’s really atrocious. But today, I’ve heard some celebrity followers say how cute Elisha looks here. Does she? Really? I don’t think so.

Maybe I’m just hating the look because of the leggings (you know how I hate leggings worn like this). Or maybe it’s the too shiny oversized gold bag.

Her brown suede boots aren’t that bad. I would have liked to have seen them with skinny jeans rather than the leggings. But I’ve always found boots to be a little uncomfortable and bulky for traveling.

You always have to take them off to go through the metal detector (even Elisha Cuthbert had to take her boots off). Instead, I prefer to wear sneakers or a slip-on shoe when jetsetting. How about you? What type of shoes do you wear when traveling?


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