Brittany Murphy Embellished Shirt

2009 has been the year of the embellishment with everything from little bows on sandals to motorcycle jackets complete with studs and fringe. But it looks like 2010 is going to take the trend a little bit further, probably to one of those levels that will scare most people off.

It starts with a simple tank top with a flower like the one by Young Fabulous & Broke that is cute, could be worn on a few different occasions. And then it gets ridiculous with Haute Hippie’s Rose Bubble Dress with an unwearable gigantic sized flower that is almost as big as the dress itself. Or there is the LaROK Flight of Fancy Skirt with little glittery feather chips all over it, making it only appropriate for the disco or the stage. And the Brian Reyes Ruffle Skirt which doesn’t seem appropriate for anything and the multiple ruffles will only pad your own rough spots.

To play it safe and still be on trend in 2010 go for a more sleek and plain outfit and then dress it up with some over the top accessories. Bib necklaces will be a huge fashion trend in 2010 and they’re going to lose their wow factor or look ridiculous if paired with embellished clothing. Layer on the accessories and let them make your fashion statement in 2010.

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