Paris Hilton Neutral Pumps

Paris Hilton Neutral Pumps

Buying shoes is one of those experiences in life that just boosts your soul, your entire outfit seems to get a lift from a new pair of shoes. But the savvy shoe shopper knows that along with your newest, trendiest shoes should be a few essentials that can be called into service in the case of an emergency.

The first essential shoe that every closet must contain, a neutral pair of pumps. Not necessarily the sexiest shoe or the trendiest but a classic pair of pumps can be relied upon in almost every situation and can work as a good back up just in case.

For the summer season every woman wants to have that perfect pair of sandals, the ones that feel comfortable if there’s a lot of walking involved but that look good enough to wear out for the night too. Finding this perfect pair is tricky but once you have them you’ll be glad you do.

In the winter the essential shoe is a boot. This season there are so many trends in boots it’s almost hard to keep track of all of them, skip each one of these if you’re looking for an essential winter boot. Focus your boot search on a medium heel, below the knee boot in a neutral color and you’ve got a wining pair that will provide years of service.

When buying essential shoes, spend a bit more to get the most comfortable shoes possible and ones that are loaded with quality. You want these shoes to feel good and look good for years to come.

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