When Eva Longoria Parker attended the Michael Kors 2008 Fashion Show during Fashion Week in New York, she was all about the gold, glamour and glitz.

Eva Longoria - Michael Kors Show

Wearing an gold sequined mini-dress, along with gold pumps and a gold clutch, Eva looked smokin’ hot! Though most of us couldn’t pull off an all-over gold look, Eva definitely wears it well.

While other celebs went the more conservative route at fashion week, wearing simple black knee-length dresses, Eva did her own thing. This dress is a definite standout and she wears it well without being too gaudy.

Eva does things right be skipping the jewelry (well, except for the big rock on her finger). If you are wearing this much gold, you don’t need any jewels.

I really love the shoes. Even if you aren’t attending a fashion show or celebrity event, you can dress up just about anything with a pair of gold pumps. If you have a simple black outfit that you are trying to make more dramatic, metallic shoes are definitely the way to go.

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