Rachel Bilson in Booties

Rachel Bilson in Booties

This fall is a unique fashion season for shoe lovers basically because absolutely everything is in style as long as it’s a boot.

Starting at the top the over the knee boot is the latest rage and touted as the must have accessory of the season. I strongly doubt this as I don’t think the average woman is willing to go that far. But she’s definitely willing to pull on a pair of knee high boots, which is a very popular look when you tuck your pants inside of them. Moving further down the leg, the bootie is still making an impression with celebrities and everyday folk. So any height boot is a go for the fall 2009 season.

And speaking of height, let’s talk about heel height. Again, starting at the top, the super high stiletto boot has gotten even more dangerous with the invention of the needle heel. The rising popularity of motorcycle boots and cowboy boots has brought about a rise in square and chunky heel popularity. And finally, the low/no heel is still in style as flat boots carry their popularity from last year into fall 2009.

And finally, the actual upper of the boot itself. Another case of absolutely everything goes as you’ll see more accessorized and fringed boots this season and on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, cut out boots with peep toes and a strappy illusion are a fall 2009 must have look.

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