Bright Shoe Trend

Bright Shoe Trend

It’s fashion week and forget about the outfits these gals are wearing, what I want to know is what is on their feet?! I’m seeing a couple trends in shoes for 2010 and they all have one thing in common, they scream for attention.

Bright Colors

One of my favorite trends in shoes is coming around again, bright eye-catching, get noticed shoes. This season shoes in the red family seem to be favored so pick a pair of striking red pumps or orange sandals and wear them like a neutral.

Strappy Sandals

The strappy sandal trend is nothing new, it really hit its stride last season so this year its time to up the strap quotient to get attention. Meaning: the strappier the better when it comes to sandals for 2010.

Embellished Shoes

Another hold over from last season, embellished shoes. And once again the way to make this trend fresh and exciting is by adding more embellishments to your shoes. This may be the shoe season of more is more.

Yes, I’ll admit it, the shoe trends for spring 2010 are more than a little disappointing. Nothing really new, nothing really innovative but a lot of recycling and some amped up style that screams for attention.

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