Father's Day

Father's Day

Father’s day is coming up and will be here before you even know it. For some reason dad’s are typically hard to buy gifts for so I thought I’d throw out a few father’s day gift ideas that are related to, what else, SHOES!

Let’s assume your dad has all the shoes he wants or needs so we’ll look at footwear accessories. Now, getting your dad shoe polish or leather care products is not exciting at all and may not even feel like a gift. BUT if you were to polish all of dad’s shoes and water proof them that would definitely feel like a gift, AND its one you can give year after year.

Similarly, insoles are not a fun gift by any stretch of the imagination but throw them in  your dad’s shoes, theme it with some other pampering gifts and you’ve got a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year.

Another hot (pun intended) gift for dad is a footwear dryer. There are a wide variety of dryers out there so do a little research as I’ve heard some are amazing and some are a little bit lacking.

So think outside the box this year and get a father’s day gift that dad both needs and wants and will also make him feel as special as he is.

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