Fergie has always been a little tacky, but she took things to a new level a few days ago on The Late Show with David Letterman. The lead singer of The Black Eyed Peas wore a horrible, wannabe sexy dress.

Adorned in silver and green sequins, the dress had cutouts at the waistline, shoulder and other strategic places. In basic black, this dress could have actually been sexy but in all its glitz it’s just looks tacky and desperate.  Add Fergie’s stringy hair and the whole thing was a fashion disaster.


What happened to celebrities dressing with some class (or at least some taste)? I get it that she’s a singer, so some glitz is expected, but dresses don’t have to be sparkling or skintight to be attractive.

One thing I’ll give Fergie is that her sandals are definitely cute. The silver peep-toe platforms featured crisscross ankle straps and a high heel. Pair with a little black dress or just about anything else, these shoes would have been a great accent. But with Fergie’s dress, who could even notice the shoes!?

Photo by PR Photos

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