Vanessa Minillo Flip Flops

Vanessa Minillo Flip Flops

Each season has a staple shoe, that must have shoe which is both practical, comfortable and the shoe you turn to as you’re running out the door. The summer shoe of choice is obviously a sandal but more specifically it’s the flip flop.

The savvy shoe shopper will purchase a pair of flip flops that are fairly neutral and comfortable and will go with most of their outfits. But who really wants to be practical when it comes to shoes, it’s time to get frivolous and buy a pair of flip flops for every occasion.

The first must have flip flop purchase that must be made is a pair of fitness flip flops that are designed to work extra muscles when you walk, turning a casual errand run into a mini workout.

The next pair you’ll need is a pair of embellished flip flops with enough bling and wow to match a cute summer sundress or dress up a pair of jeans.

One of the biggest trends in shoes this season is loud prints, so of course you’ll want to pick up a pair of printed flip flops since they grab just the right amount of attention.

And the best thing about flip flops, they don’t take up a lot of space so you can fit a whole lot of them in your closet.

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