Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad

The latest shoe trend is foho – that’s folk inspired shoes and boots. This shoe trend is just one more illustration of how everything old becomes new again.

The last year has seen a boom in shoe creativity with plain pumps getting stuffed into the back of the closet and accessorized shoes and boots moving to the front. This focus on detail has lead us to the foho style shoes and boots you’re seeing on celebrity feet today.

Above Lauren Conrad is sporting one of the most popular and accessible styles of the season, the fringed look. Fringed boots are everywhere these days and can range from the simple one or two fringed shoelaces to multiple layers of fringe covering the entire boot.

You’ll also see more lace up boots and shoes, or in lieu of laces, buckles. The lace up look is a bit more romantic than the rustic look of fringe. But can you do fringe and lace up shoes? Sure you can, but you may end up looking like the woodsman coming to save Little Red Riding Hood.

The tooled leather look is also a strong part of the foho shoe trend we’ll be seeing in 2010. You’re probably most familiar with tooled leather in western boots and the look may still feel a little western to you, but when paired with some fringe or foho softness the look is less rugged and more fashion forward.

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