Hilary Duff Animal Bracelet

Hilary Duff Animal Bracelet

The hottest accessory trend sweeping America now is Sillybandz a trend designed for kids and these rubber band bracelets are THE must have item this season.

Most Sillybandz are shaped like animals (although there are holiday specific ones and letters and numbers) and kids are striving to have every one of their favorites.

So what does this mean for adults? Well the trend is so hot it’s probably going to translate into women’s accessories as well. Doubtful that women will start wearing rubber bands as an accessory but we will start wearing more animal inspired jewelry and yes there are already some animal necklaces and animal charms on the market so you can get a jump start on the trend and appear cutting edge. But by the end of the summer the market will be flooded with animal inspired jewelry for women.

The trend hasn’t translated yet although I’m sure jewelry designers are frantically working, but the existing animal themed jewelry seems to be centered on a reptile theme. I’m really not sure why reptiles are a popular jewelry item but if you want to get a leg up on the competition it might be time to slip on a snake ring or bracelet.

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