Nike Air Max Moto+

Nike has changed the whole running experience by creating Nike+. Through innovative technology you can hear your pace, time, distance and calories burned while you are running. A sensor in your shoe keeps track of everything and sends you the information through your iPod!

How cool is that!? You can also save all your run data, track your goals and even connect with other Nike runners.

It’s quite the revolution in running shoes.

With Nike+, they have taken some of their best Nike running shoes and made them Nike+ enabled. So now all you need is the shoes, the Nike+ iPod Sport Kit and an iPod Nano to get started.  Nike+ shoes are available for both men and women.

Here are some of my favorite Nike+ shoes.

Nike Shox Navina+
I love Shox. They are some of the best looking and most comfortable running shoes available for women. The Shox Nava+ comes blue or birch.

Nike Air Max Moto+ 5
Providing ultimate comfort and support, these women’s running shoes are also cute too! I just love the colors (pictured here) in this shoe.

Nike Air Max Brazen+
For the men, I like the Air Max. This shoe is also Nike+ enabled so that you can keep track of all your runs.

There are dozens of other men’s running shoes and women’s running shoes that are Nike+ ready. Check them out and don’t just run hard, run smart with this fabulous technology.

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