Stylish Shoes

Women’s shoe styles are constantly changing, what’s happening and hot one season is destined to be discarded the next. Keeping on top of the latest shoe trends is difficult but for real shoe aficionados its fun too. This season we’re seeing so many trends in women’s dress shoes that almost everything is in style, but not quite. So check the list below to make sure you’re stepping out in style.

Printed Shoes

Floral, leopard, zebra or just plain whacky prints have become favored shoe statements. The best way to wear shoes with prints is to pair them with simple outfits, letting the shoes stand out and take center stage.

T-Strap Shoes

T-Strap women’s shoes have hit the stores hard this year, it’s almost as if they were a response to the gladiator shoe by bringing a very tamed down version to the market, but still giving that extra strap to the shoe upper. No matter why this shoe has hit popularity highs its there and a must have for 2009.

Embellished Shoes

Embellishments on shoes are gaining ground, from buckles and bows to gems and glitter. This winter you’ll see lots of buckles and studs decorating shoes and boots. The look will be a little more tough, rugged and outdoorsy. Flowers and bows were fairly trendy in the spring and summer months and I predict a whole crop of floral embellished shoes will pop up next spring.

Metallic Shoes

The metallic shoe gained momentum this summer and will probably continue in its popularity in the fall but wane a little in the winter. If you do see metallics on winter shoes expect them to be embellishments or small touches rather than the entire shoe upper.

This winter expect to see a contrast of femininity combined with ruggedness, imagine beautiful cut out boots with a great heel that still feel a little gladiator-like. It’s a departure from last season’s flat heels and work like look to a step up in sex appeal.

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