Jennifer Connelly Perfect Shoes?

Jennifer Connelly Perfect Shoes?

Well, so far this year I have not bought a pair of shoes. It wasn’t necessarily a new year’s resolution, but I am trying to take control of my addictions (mainly the shopping ones) and be more practical with my money. And I have to admit that not buying any shoes in January wasn’t really difficult. But I expect the challenge to get tougher. So I want to buy shoes sparingly and wisely.

Thus the search for the perfect shoe. But let me clarify that a little more. I’m not really looking for just one pair of shoes, I’m looking for pair for each season. So as the winter season winds down and the blow out sales on cold weather boots begins I’m scouring the internet looking for the perfect pair to go with that new winter jacket I just bought (also on sale).

Spring may be a little more difficult because I’m going to want to get a pair early and not wait until the end of the season sales. So for spring I’m looking for a pair of fun and flirty pumps in a sunny color that seems to welcome spring.

For the summer I want a pair of strappy sandals that don’t scream gladiator but are less warrior-like and more sexy. These I’ll probably get in a metallic color as this trend seems particularly fun for the summer, add a matching chunky necklace and bracelets and even jeans and a t-shirt look ready for a night on the town.

Now, I’m not quite sure what I’ll settle on this fall, I’m leaning towards a sexy high pair of menswear oxfords at the moment, but I already have two pairs of those so maybe I’ll wait to see what the latest trend is and ride that wagon through the fall.

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  1. jillkocher on Monday 1, 2010

    Great shoes, wretched dress. Love the new nude shoe trend, but it demands that the javascript:%20postComment(0);rest of the outfit be worthy of center stage.